What is corporate culture?Culture is the environment that drives employee behavior. It usually reflects the vision, values and leadership style of management

Why Does Corporate Culture Actually Matter?

It matters in that it usually has a high correlation to productivity and performance. The successful company’s culture is by design and the not as successful ones it is usually by default.

Corporate Culture Examples

There are many companies out there that exemplify great corporate culture. Looking at their history and current successes, you can see how having a great culture helped them gain and maintain that success.

IBM, HP, Federal Express and GE come to mind first when thinking of these companies to learn from.

HP has fallen since Dave Packard left, but in the past they had a culture that was written up by Harvard Review.

When companies consciously create a “Culture” based on strong values, commitment to ethical and consistent business practices that are well communicated they create an environment that has low turnover, employees who will go the extra mile and they are able to attract the best and brightest since they have developed a reputation as a great place to work. These employees get rewarded with recognition and compensation that encourages them to stay with the company.

What’s Your Take On The Importance Of Corporate Culture?

Do you believe corporate culture plays a strong role in a company’s success? Have you experienced the shift in corporate culture that lead to success or failure (from the inside of a company or an observer)?

Leave your thoughts and experiences on corporate culture in the comments below to join in the discussion.