Jack Smalley, SPHR

Jack Smalley, SPHR

Presented by: Jack Smalley

Human Resources have their greatest opportunity to turn today’s significant challenges into tomorrow’s greatest successes. The “C” suite has once again turned to human resources to lead their organization through three critical issues to maximize profits through innovation and change.

Today’s progressive leaders understand the key to maintaining success relies on human resource’s ability to:

Create a Culture of World Class Retention and Recognition

CEO’s understand that their organization’s greatest challenge to meet financial objectives is linked to the knowledge of their people. Many studies conclude that up to 80% of employees today would consider other opportunities if presented. Managers at all levels must understand that retention is no longer a program but a culture of individual accountability.

Holding all levels of leadership accountable for measuring and improving employee engagement

An engaged workforce is essential to meet today’s challenge of industry excellence however; a recent Gallup survey shows up to 67% of our employees are not fully engaged. This results in a fine line between employee engagement and employee destruction. We must influence leadership through documented metrics that tie financial success to an engaged workforce and demonstrate that vital customer retention is linked to employee retention

Linking human resource technology to talent management

Traditionally technology has not been a marriage made in heaven with HR. With more smart phones than land lines and tablets outselling PCs we embrace that the driver of today’s economy is data through technology. We must be able to make rapid decisions based on data to move the organization forward. This is a tremendous opportunity for HR to improve data transparency by giving employees more accessibility to their information.