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Executive Coaching is an exciting and revelatory process that takes executives’ leadership, careers and organizations who are determined to achieve business results at a new level. Offering organizations of any size effective and productive benefits, this is transformational and business-practical coaching for business executives seeking to accelerate their performance and that of their organizations. Consider the breakthroughs possible with Executive Solutions South, LLC.

Typical client objectives are to be a more effective leader, succeed in a new position, grow a business or division, increase clarity and confidence, improve communication and sales, or manage a business and team more effectively. Depending on your personal business needs, Executive Solutions South, LLC has the ability to work with 5 different scenarios designed to help organizations develop their leadership. These scenarios are:

  • Developmental Coaching
  • New Leader Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Assessment

Developmental Coaching

Developmental Coaching is a process that gradually develops new perspectives, new interpretations and new ways of behaving. Based on a thorough needs assessment, this coaching provides the skills and capacities needed to show your employees they have a realistic opportunity to grow with the company, while also helping reach goals that have been set. At Executive Solutions South, LLC, we work with your organization to implement a sophisticated Succession Planning model that helps you identify and develop future leaders in a way that will become an intricate part of your culture.

New Leader Coaching

Whether a new leader is brought in from the outside or promoted from within, expectations are high as coming up to speed in a new position can be a difficult process that may include many surprises. At Executive Solutions South, LLC, our new leader coaching onboarding process utilizes proven best practices, assessment tools, techniques and approaches that accelerate the leader’s impact and effectiveness in a shorter time period.

This process will include:

  • Setting clear expectations
  • Understanding the necessary critical competencies
  • Stressing the importance of alignment between the company’s strategy and the executives skill sets and strategic and tactical plans

Performance Coaching

US executive coach hr consultant Boston Providence RI MAPerformance coaching is an ongoing process which helps build and maintain effective relationships that can help identify an executive’s growth, as well as help plan and develop new and solid skills. At Executive Solutions South, LLC, we use the coaching skills needed to evaluate the developmental needs by working collaboratively on developing plans that might include training, new assignments, job enrichment, self-study, or work details.

In this coaching scenario we will look at the following:

  • Identify the strengths and areas for development of the executive
  • Conduct a 360 process
  • Ensure alignment with company objectives
  • Coach the executive along the way to show the needed changes and how they work in real time situations

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is aimed at people to encourage and develop an effective team that is performing to the best of their abilities. When relationships within the team work well, all members have a clear focus and the team has a significant impact on achieving goals and building business. At Executive Solutions South, LLC, we help you get the most out of your team by helping them learn about how each other works best and the strengths they all have that will increase their productivity.

We accomplish this by:

  • MBTI assessments
  • Group exploration sessions
  • Individual coaching
  • 360 assessments


An assessment employs multiple comprehensive methods to evaluate an executive’s ability to perform, that includes meaningful feedback from peers, subordinates, and managers. This provides a complete picture of functional expertise, industry knowledge, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit and capacity to grow and change with the job. At Executive Solutions South, LLC, we provide insight with a core set of actionable, high-impact development priorities that can realistically be addressed, while applying the best approach that help organizations distinguish the exceptional executives from the good.

This work would include:

  • 360 assessments
  • Competency evaluation
  • EQ assessment
  • Developmental Plan

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Executive Solutions South, LLC

HR Consulting

Executive Solutions South, LLC is a company that specializes in helping Executives with their Human Capital needs such as recruitment, evaluation and development that will lead to greater efficiency, productivity and sustainable growth in your business.

HR services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Interim VP of HR
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Outside evaluation of Management Teams
  • Due Diligence for M&A scenarios
  • Culture Audits
  • Organizational Development
  • Succession Planning models